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4 South America Travel Essentials I wish I’d put on my Packing List

I consider myself a near professional packer. I grew up journeying from market to market with artist parents and learned young how to pack light and live out of a bag. As an adult, I’ve traveled fairly widely, and read the r/one bag Reddit forum regularly. so when I visited South America for three months …

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Navigating the Ferry to Chiloe Island in Chile

  One of the many highlights of my six weeks in Patagonia in 2019 was when I headed North, to the northernmost portion of the Patagonia region- a section of Chile that most tourists skip. This region is known for volcanoes and dramatic waterfalls, but just off the mainland lies the island of Chiloe (pronounced “chill-‘oh-eh”>.  In my first ever …


3 Day Itinerary for Solo or Small Group Travel on Chiloe Island in Northern Patagonia

  As I researched for my trip to Chile, I kept finding myself drawn back to the island of Chiloe. Shrouded in both literal fog and the mythology of superstition, this archipelago is home to 16 UNESCO sites: all churches, remarkable for their construction by master shipbuilders using native woods and unique construction. A day …


Travel Safety Tips – Avoiding Conversations with Scammers

  International travel – especially solo international travel – can be intimidating, and it doesn’t help to think about all the many scams that con artists try to execute on vulnerable travelers. Whether you are traveling solo or with a group, it can be very helpful to face this anxiety head-on. Rather than ignoring the …


What to Pack for a Pacific Northwest Beach Trip

  You’ve probably visited sun-drenched white-sand beaches, but a beach trip in the United State’s Pacific Northwest is an entirely different kind of beach trip! In this post I’ll be reviewing my packing tips for Washington and Oregon beach trips. Whether you are headed to the Olympic Peninsula to enjoying the majesty of the Pacific Northwest …


Fountain of Creation: Free Family Fun at the Space Needle

While tickets to go up in the recently renovated Space Needle continue to rise, this out-of-the-way art installment remains a cool reprieve with iconic views.  This year a newly updated Space Needle was unveiled to visitors- visitors willing to pay $30 per person for access, at least. If you are planning a visit to Seattle, you …