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Solo Travel

28 Things Female Travelers Wish they had Known Before taking their First Solo Trip + Safety Tips & Free Download

  In a recent weekend discussion on the r/heronebag forum on Reddit, user pieapplekitten prompted a discussion on things we wish we knew before setting off on our first solo trip. The ensuing discussion was fascinating, covering safety, maximizing fun, and the all-important question of exactly how much underwear we should pack. Because most people …

Solo Travel

Ireland Adventure – Itinerary for a 1 Day Tourist Adventure in Wexford, Ireland

After spending 2 days of our 2 week tripe in Dublin, we headed out of the city to explore more of Ireland’s natural beauty and smaller communities. Since our visit was in early March and we were concerned about weather, we rented a car and drove along the southern coast of Ireland. Today I’m sharing …