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How to Make a Time-Saving Bullet Journal Stencil Template

  One of the best parts about bullets journaling is that your bullet journal can take whatever shape you need it to. As you become comfortable your bullet journal, you’ll probably find that your journal begins to look nothing like the complex and artistic spreads posted on social media (in fact, minimalist bullet journaling is …

An artist's guide to solo travel in Italy
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A Walk Through my Travel Art Journal: Sketchnotes, Travel, and Doodling in Italy 2017

When I took the plunge to downsize a few years ago, I promised myself that I would see more of the world. Initially I was turned off to the idea of solo travel,  so I put my travel plans to the side. That was two years ago. In the time since, I’ve grown in my …

Bullet & Travel Journals

Best Supplies for Taking Sketch Notes during Travel – Budget Kit

As anyone who’s ever lingered too long in a stationary aisle knows, it’s easy to spend a fortune on paper, pens, and stationary products you’ll never use. On the other hand, quality supplies can make a big difference in ease of use, the final result, and the experience of journaling or note taking. In other …