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Digital Nomads

How to Build a Portable Office for Travel & Digital Nomad Remote Work

Many new digital nomads set off on long term working travel with a carefully curated packing list and a thoughtfully selected bag, but not much thought on how to set up a productive workspace on the road. I wrote this article after my third long term digital nomad trip to share thoughts on my own …

Solo Travel

28 Things Female Travelers Wish they had Known Before taking their First Solo Trip + Safety Tips & Free Download

  In a recent weekend discussion on the r/heronebag forum on Reddit, user pieapplekitten prompted a discussion on things we wish we knew before setting off on our first solo trip. The ensuing discussion was fascinating, covering safety, maximizing fun, and the all-important question of exactly how much underwear we should pack. Because most people …

how to find your perfect bag for minimalist travel
One Bag Travel

How to Buy the Perfect “One Bag” Pack or Suitcase for YOU

  One bag travel is all about choosing a bag, packing list, and supplies that make it easy to enjoy travel without the need to spend unnecessary energy or expense lugging around stuff you didn’t really need. One bag travelers have the freedom to explore more freely, to dedicate more energy to travel, and to …


Illustrated Packing List + 1 Pro Brain Hack for Surviving a 16 Hour Flight

Long flights can be the most challenging part of international travel. Hours and hours in a tiny airplane seat can be torturous to bodies both big and small. I survive brutally long flights are by packing the 10 supplies listing below, but my ultimate tip for getting through a long intercontinental air flight is kind …


Visiting Plitvice Park + Accessibility Report for Older & Physically Limited Bodies

  Visiting Plitvice National Park in Croatia was one of the highlights of my recent trip to Croatia. I chose a guided tour from Zadar, Croatia as my entry to Plitvice National Park, but there are a number of different ways to access this area. Standard buses – not just tour buses arrive and depart …

Visting the PNW hiking trail where gnomes rule the woods
Seattle Travel

The PNW Hiking Trail where Gnomes Roam – Seattle Day Trips

  If you’re seeking a quirky half-day adventure near Seattle, look no further than the gnome trail in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains about an hour east of downtown Seattle. The gnome trail is a collective art project, collaboratively in a state of constant creation and change thanks to visitors who participate in this …

Digital Nomads

Solo Traveler’s Guide to Sleeping Anywhere (Even in a Hostel Dorm)

Getting a good night’s sleep while traveling is challenging for most sleepers, but if you have a bit of insomnia back home, sleeping while traveling can be even more difficult. While laying awake in your own comfy bed back home is unpleasant, laying in a hostel dorm staring at the bunk above you and listening …

how to make a travel journal filled with art
Travel Art Journal

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Travel Journal – Bullet Style, Art Journal, or Long Format Writing

A travel journal can be a profound way to record your travels. In a time when destinations, souvenirs, and even iconic photo-ops barely vary from traveler to traveler, any journal you create with your thoughts, writing, art, and scribbles create a one-of-a-kind travel record that is 100% unique and 100% you. In this article, we’ll …

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Choosing the Right Travel Daypack: My Favorite Bag + the $2 Security Device I Take on Every Trip

Despite a few  international travel trips in the past, my summer 2017 trip to Italy, Croatia, and Bosnia was my first solo International trip. For me, travelling internationally is always high stress, and traveling alone definitely added a layer of anxiety to my travel at first. Being extra vigilant about my security felt important, so …